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We Want Avenged Sevenfold In Greece
Created on 21 February at 11:18 by Eleni Rapti
Here in Greece have played live famous bands of rock and metal like: Metallica, Black Sabbath, Iced Earth, Megadeth, Scorpions, Pink Floyd, Children O.. »
Georgia Mpompori A friend told me that Avenged Sevenfold want to come to Greece but greek managers dont let them ! -_- .
5 August at 15:43
Kakashi Hatake I have been expecting them for about....say...6 years, and they've never come until (thankfully) now! It would be kind of a DREAM COME TRUE to see them live! I was surprised with the new album, which was great, but I hope if they come, they'll play some of my all time favs, As Bat Country, Afterlife, Save me and the awesome (!) Unholly Confessions!!! Please sign this petiton!!! It means much, not only to me, but to many people!
18 June at 12:40
18 June at 10:02
Gabriella Verdou Waiting for Avenged Sevenfold to come from when i was 8 years old . A7X is my religion .Praying everyday for them to come here ether i will go to see them anywhere they are !!
25 April at 15:24
Manolis Ntamadakis
25 April at 15:44
Sokin Iv We Wand A7X In Hellas Now
24 April at 9:41
Ioannis Goga We want a7x to come here in Greece for many years
8 April at 6:13
Anthi Sullivan we want AVENGED SEVENFOLD in GREECE.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
13 March at 17:42
Katerina TheRocker We don't want..We need Avenged Sevenfold in Greece!! Every fun's dream is to see then live!!!
27 February at 8:47
Andrianni Anni We want Avenged Sevenfold in Greece!!!!!!!!..
26 February at 14:15
Βίκυ Βικτωρία Share your thoughts
26 February at 13:23
Βίκυ Βικτωρία Come in greeceeeeee
26 February at 13:24
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Against music piracy
Created on 24 August at 6:28 by Elisa Dotti
Music piracy is harshly harming the music industry. The RIAA's website has a great source that wa7s done by Stephen E. Siwek on 8/21/2007 this source .. »
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Pink Floyd should be united
Created on 7 August at 10:22 by Elisa Dotti
Although I know Roger waters is having a great solo career with out Pink Floyd. I think they should be touring to together once more just for the good.. »
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Release "I Don't want To be A Bride" as ...
Created on 10 August at 9:06 by Elisa Dotti
I believe " I Don't want To be A Bride" among all of the tracks off "Rabbits On The Run" is an opportunity to show everyone how amazing Vanessa is, an.. »
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Justice for Michael Jackson
Created on 10 August at 9:08 by Elisa Dotti
We're asking to everyone who loves Michael Jackson, to join this petition to rehabilitate his memory, unfairly stained by false allegations and lies. .. »
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