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Petition for music education in schools
Created on 24 August at 6:37 by Elisa Dotti
Americans should work to enhance and support music education in our nation's school... »
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Keep SHAC Alive
Created on 1 September at 22:13 by shac board
SHAC faces its imminent demise: for two hours last week, SHAC Advisory Board met with Ryan Gayman, the UHC’s new Community Engagement Advisor, attem.. »
Andrea Pettinaroli Support!
5 September at 14:07
Sarah DeMaria SHAC has some really great programs including the Teacher-Thanksgiving event. Advisors always speak about how important it is to get to know your Professors and I agree with their beliefs on the matter. This event is particularly great for forming a wonderful relationship with Professors outside of the classroom or office hours. This is something the Honors College has always embraced - continuing learning and forming intellectual communities outside of the classroom. Other events, such as the ice skating one and the Labor Day Picnic have wide turn-outs because of the students' desire to keep together as a community. Even though by Junior Year most have moved out of Honors Housing, these events every few months provide a fun and casual way for people to reconnect. Please keep SHAC alive!
2 September at 13:46
William Price William Price does not want to continue to bury the ideals our honors college was founded on.
2 September at 11:27
Leah Swanzy I
2 September at 1:08
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U.S. Department of Education require debt ...
Created on 24 August at 10:06 by Elisa Dotti
Oswaldo Campos has over $20,000 in defaulted student loans. It isn't that he's irresponsible -- Oswaldo suffers from liver disease and can't work full.. »
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Uniforms at school
Created on 8 August at 9:10 by Elisa Dotti
Jeans, Black, Khaki, Red, Blue, White. Those are the common colors we use in school nowadays. Red, Blue, and White uniform shirts, with the school T-S.. »
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Petition for Graduation Hoods
Created on 8 August at 4:06 by Elisa Dotti
The Graduating Class of 2012 at Seton Hall University hereby petitions to the Office of the President for the return of hoods at Commencement. We unde.. »
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Petition for schools
Created on 10 August at 9:38 by Elisa Dotti
Standard based grading with out traditional averaged percentages does not transition children to high school. If this system continues into 7th and 8t.. »
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